East n West

Website Homepage Optimization

EastnWest came to INEO wanting to grow their reach and increase their sales. They needed a brand refresh and an updated website to reflect their updated branding.

positioning + branding + design

INEO began with EastnWest to understand who their current buyers were and how to capture more of these buyers. We honed in on who their target audience is and their ideal customer. We developed messaging to align with their values as a company and the values of their audience. We then developed their visual identity to continue to tell the story of who EastnWest is in a way that captured the attention of their ideal customer.


EastnWest customers are huge Coachella fans so to get them ready for Coachella season, INEO did a fast refresh on their website to incorporate their branding and SEO rich text as a phase I step in updating their website. Now their website is functioning as a fast conversion machine with record breaking sales for new customers who are just learning about EastnWest and will soon be die hard fans.

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