You've Got An Email List, Now What?


Getting people to subscribe to your email list is only half the battle. The other half is knowing what to do with them once they’ve signed up. To start, you need a welcome email series. This is your subscriber onboarding. It’s also your greatest chance of turning them into buying customers. A new subscriber has already decided that they like what they see. They’re enticed and want more. The next step to buy and your welcome series help lead them there. 

Your Welcome Series Formula 

When someone opts in to your email list to join your newsletter or from a simple opt-in, maybe you’ve got one in the footer of your website, you want to send them a series of welcome emails. You want to accomplish these X things:

  1. Tell them what they’ll receive from you. What’s the value they’re going to get out of subscribing to your email?
  2. Tell them more about you
  3. Give tons of value
  4. Selling. Yes, you need to sell in your welcome email series. 

Here’s what that could look like:

Email 1: Thank them for joining and congratulate them on taking the first step toward solving whatever problem it is that you solve. If you’re a social media manager, congratulate them on taking the first step toward increasing their sales using the power of Instagram. (See what I did there? I congratulated them WHILE telling them the benefit.) This is also a good time to tell them what they can expect to receive from you. 

Email 2: An “about me/our company” email. The goal here really is to remind them of who you are (because their inboxes are flooded) and to remind them of what you do, meaning what they can buy from you. 

Email 3: Deliver value to them. How can you help them solve a problem? Ideally this is related to something you sell...because you’re going to sell in this email. After you’ve delivered value, add something like: “Want more like this? We help [insert your target audience] solve [insert their problem] with [insert your product that solves this problem].” Then tell them where to go to get more. End this email with, “Tomorrow I am going to send you….”. You’re telling them what’s next and hopefully leaving them with anticipation. 

Email 4: Deliver on your promise. Deliver some more value to them. This can be done all within the email, or you can lead them to a free download or a series of blog posts that walk them through a tutorial. 

Email 5: In this email, you want to help them see that you understand the problem that they have and that you are the path to getting them from where they are to where they want to be. So email 5 could be something like, “Here’s how some of our past customers have benefited from [insert your product].” Now, share some testimonials. Don’t have testimonials yet? Then the next best thing is to tell them the benefit they will receive. And this is where you sell. Direct them to where they can purchase that item from you. You also could include a limited time offer. Or, an added bonus since they’re email subscribers. 

Here’s the one thing to remember: A welcome email series is a sales funnel. Treat it like that. You 100% want to offer tons of value but at the end of the day, an email list is about growing your business. 

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