How To Market Beyond Instagram

Diversify Your Marketing Strategy

I’m noticing a trend. It seems that business owners are being led to believe that Instagram is the hot ticket to massive, fast growth. I’m here to tell you that it’s not true. 

Do business owners find great success on Instagram? Definitely. But Instagram is not why they got there. It’s because their marketing strategy involved more than just posting Instagram. If you want to see similar growth and you’re struggling to get there, here’s how it’s really done.

Develop A Strong Brand

If you took a deeper look at successful Instagram accounts, you’d find that they all have one thing in common: a strong brand identity. 

Your brand identity is what attracts your dream customers and sets you apart from your competition.This is what underpins your ability to be successful on Instagram. The visuals, the writing, the valuable’s all a cohesive offering to your ideal customer when your brand is on point. Your brand identity includes your colors, fonts, image style, brand adjectives, your tone of voice, and brand messaging. These all come together cohesively to attract your ideal customer and speak directly to their pain points. 

Develop A Marketing Funnel 


Instagram is only as good as your funnel is.

At least in terms of making money. A marketing funnel is how you capture awareness, how you engage them once you have their attention, and then how you convert them to buying customers. Each is its own stage with its own strategy. 

Instagram only addresses that top part of the funnel: awareness. There are other avenues of awareness like optimizing Google search results and blogging to get more people on your website. Then there’s the middle of the funnel. This is where you offer up higher value content than what they get on instagram, like free downloads. This, in turn, builds your email list so you can nurture them toward being paying customers. It’s a complete path of getting their attention on social media, getting their email address by way of offering free, valuable content, and then emailing them with a series of sales (nurture) emails to encourage a purchase. 

A marketing funnel is how you get your real ROI on allll those hours you put into developing content for Instagram. Plus, average email conversion rates and average website conversion rates are higher than social media. Imagine getting a conversion that’s not just another follower or a click to your about page but conversions where people are actually buying. 

Develop The Skill Of Copywriting

Copywriting is any writing that you do for your business that has the intent to persuade. Classic copywriting is what you imagine from Mad Men advertising days. Today, it’s inclusive of any writing you do for your business. This includes Instagram. 

Great copy is a strong influencer. It can move your business from mediocre to off-the-charts growth. The three foundations for writing great copy is knowing who your ideal customer is, having a developed brand, and understanding buyer’s psychology. 

Again, if you look at Instagram accounts that have done wildly well, their writing is on point. They are crystal clear on who their ideal customer is, what their offer is, and their copywriting moves their audience to action. They could post about similar content but miss the mark on their branding, a funnel, and copy and they wouldn’t half the success that they do. They did the work to diversify their marketing efforts.

Now What

So what do you do if you fall into the “Instagram only marketing strategy” bucket? Here’s what you do, step-by-step:

  1. Get crystal clear on who your ideal customer is. You want to know this person like your best friend. Typical customer avatar worksheets that you can find for free get you to a surface level only understanding. As an example, for Ineo, we gave our ideal customer a name, a job (we literally looked at linkedin for available jobs and found her perfect job), her neighborhood not just her city, what her dreams are, what kind of pop culture resonates with her, what her friends are like….you get the point. Go deep. This is hard stuff but when you do it’s like a light switch of clarity that flips on. If you’re struggling, I’d suggest booking a 1:1 session with us. We’ll define your dream customer and help you translate how that affects the content you create. It’s amazing for Instagram growth. 

  1. Develop your brand. This is where you marry your ideal customer with every.single.thing you create for your business. It’s how you know what words will motivate them. What content will resonate with them. What images will draw them in. It’s the groundwork for attracting the right customers who are ready and willing to pay for what you offer. Remember, those crazy successful Instagram accounts didn’t happen by chance. Or because they posted 3,749 times a day. Or because they have 50k followers. Those followers are useless if you don’t know how to motivate them. 

If you aren’t able to invest in a designer and marketing agency, all’s not lost. (Side point: we also don’t recommend that any new business does this. That’s another post, another day.) Follow us on Instagram...we try to give as much free stuff out there as possible to help business owners grow through smart branding and marketing. We created our 1:1 coaching just for business owners who need expert help and guidance are ready to do some heavy lifting themselves. 

  1. Learn how to write great copy. We put together a free mini-masterclass to get you started on writing copy that converts. Get the free masterclass here

  1. Develop your marketing funnel. Start with creating a lead magnet. Then write an email series to send them as a follow up. Our favorite email marketing platforms are Flodesk, Mailchimp, and ActiveCampaign. Link your lead magnet in your bios and regularly promote it. Develop content around the main points of your lead magnet to bring awareness to that topic by consistently talking about it. 

Marketing is not easy. I know, I’ve been in it for 10 years. But no one ever said growing a business was. With steady effort and patience you’ll start to see that the massive, enviable growth like those Instagram accounts we all see will be yours too. 

P.S. I know I’ve said it once (or twice) already. Our 1:1 coaching will fast track your growth (read: more money in the bank account) as well as help you avoid some bumps along the way through trial and error. It’s a 90 minute session where we can cover a ton of ground to develop your brand, identify your ideal customer, improve your captions or website conversion with copywriting tips, or map out a marketing funnel for you. Some of the best money we’ve ever spent for our business has been paying for one-on-one time with an expert in areas that we are not. Book your 1:1 session here

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