about the founders of ineo

We dreamed of INEO before we knew what INEO would fully be. Chandra and Kaylee are a mother daughter duo who’ve not only built a business together but worked together on marketing teams in corporate america. We know first hand the power that a killer brand presence and great marketing can have on a company’s growth. We knew we needed to bring our skills together to create something amazing for people like you who want more.

Kaylee and Chandra

Kaylee Piñeda

Kaylee has 5 years of experience creating incredible brands for incredible people. She has an innate sense of understanding what people want even when they can’t fully describe what they want.

“When I was little, my favorite thing in the world was to go to work with my mom and sit with the designers all day. I had no idea that the markers surrounding me were worth hundreds of dollars. I just knew I was in my element. I started my professional life as a photographer. I eventually landed a role as a designer in corporate america. I loved it and wanted more of it but my way. So, I left and started Ineo with Chandra in the middle of a pandemic in August of 2020 and haven’t looked back since. (Yes, in a business context, I call my mom by her first name.) My favorite part of working with our clients is seeing someone’s eyes light up when they see their brand for the first time. It’s the best thing in the world.”

Kaylee is forever redecorating and reorganizing her home. And she never bores of rebranding Ineo because, why not? She’s a pawrent to Miles, the cutest dobie you’ve ever seen. We’re all in trouble if she starts the night with tequila. Kaylee’s favorite cocktail is one that’s been made for her.

Chandra Keel

Chandra has 8 years of experience in working with small businesses and startups to build and execute marketing strategies that earn companies recognition and sales.

“I fell into marketing when I started my first business. I learned that the business I was building was not for me…but the marketing was. I moved on to working for small businesses and ultimately left my position as the Director of Marketing to launch Ineo with Kaylee. Working for small businesses and startups let me learn nearly all aspects of marketing from branding, email marketing, content strategy, copywriting, and so much more. It’s so cliche but I love marketing and I love showing people how it can help them build the business they’re dreaming of.”

Chandra is a single mom and furmom to Henry - our green eyed black cat that is named after Henry VIII because he has the audacity. I always have at least 5 types of mustard in my fridge, if it’s chocolate it better be dark, and I spend way too much money on food and supplements. Chandra’ favorite cocktail is a Negroni. 

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